Stadthalle - Concordia

In 1919 publican Peter Ackermann acquired the property at the corner of Kessenicher Straße and Walram Straße to build an inn there. In 1921, Werner Hilgers, the proprietor at the time, then built the Concordiasäle assembly rooms which were used by many clubs and associations for their functions. Having been destroyed during the war, the house and assembly rooms were reconstructed in stages in 1948/51. The Concordia became the town's major place of entertainment. It was acquired by the local council in 1970 and served as a venue for cultural events and public and private functions. The hall was ravaged by a fire on Ash Wednesday 1987 and was privatised shortly after.

Source: Stadt Euskirchen.

Hotel Concordia / Restaurant Hazienda

Since the end of the 1980s the building has been in the care of the Zeneral family. They renovated and modernised it and then opened the doors of the Hotel Concordia and its Steakhouse Hazienda for guests to far and near.

former RestaurantFrühere Restaurantansicht
Frühere Cafeansicht
former Cafeansicht